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Your help is needed. Please sign the petition!

Tue, 18 Jun 2024 10:58:44 GMT by Pieter

Support for Classic ASP/VBScript is scheduled to be removed on future Windows releases. This makes no sense at all. Therefore, please sign the petition to stop this madness!  Sign the petition

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My ebook is being very well received

Mon, 03 Jun 2024 11:10:25 GMT by Pieter

My ebook about aspLite has been read over 1000 times meantime. Happy to share some of the comments so far: Ilkertr: I remembered my old Classic ASP programming days. I couldn't learn new asp.net. When I saw your page, I found the excitement of developing something with Classic ASP again. Thank you. David: A good read Pieter. Really enjoyed reading about the history of classic ASP and particularly your wor ...

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Clock is ticking for Classic ASP/VBScript

Tue, 23 Apr 2024 23:10:54 GMT by Pieter

I've been quite busy these last few weeks. After the release of Setlistplanner.com, I developed some apps for my wife's dental practice. I made her a waiting list app and an app to manage her stock. I reused the application template I also developed Setlistplanner on. It's a very promising template, making use of aspLite. Right after, I was so excited that I decided to write a book about how I used aspLite ...

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Setlist Planner

Mon, 15 Apr 2024 14:20:08 GMT by Pieter

Nick and I, we finally started developing our so called Setlist Planner. As a performing artist I have all kinds of playlists, for all kinds of situations and occasions. It started to drive me crazy. So I decided to come up with a little tool. It may help others. I uploaded Setlist Planner to Github. Check it out! In short: -create an unlimited number of songs and playlists -sort songs in the playl ...

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Template for modern Classic ASP/VBScript development

Tue, 16 Apr 2024 18:07:18 GMT by Pieter

Few months ago Nick and I had a brainstorm about this idea for a new app to organize setlists. Instead of diving into that straight away I came up with a template that could serve this and potentially many other similar application-ideas. I uploaded my work so far to https://github.com/PieterCooreman/Setlist-Planner This template could be a starting point for any new Classic ASP/VBScript development. "Temp ...

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ChatGPT can code Classic ASP

Sun, 18 Feb 2024 11:54:29 GMT by Pieter

So I asked ChatGPT if it could code Classic ASP. Few seconds later, it came up with an application to "manage contacts". Click here for a dump of my 2 minute chat.  I followed the instructions and guess what... this works! It does 100% what I asked for. Amazing. I attach the "full application" to this message, but guys, DO NOT USE THIS ON A LIVE SERVER... because... .. having a closer look at th ...

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Some serious thinking

Wed, 17 Jan 2024 16:45:07 GMT by Pieter

GitHub cut me off last week. I no longer had access to the QuickerSite codebase or any other repository.  I once forgot to download some recovery codes. I was no longer able to login using 2FA. My login was sort of disabled. Meantime all is fine again. I had to request to disable 2FA for my account. It took 2 days before they got that sorted. After I restored the 2FA-login requirements I was able to l ...

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A New Year's present

Thu, 04 Jan 2024 12:43:25 GMT by Pieter

I admit: my hosting business has been shrinking year after year. Somewhere between 2007 and 2010 I hosted 1200 QuickerSites on a single Windows 2000 Advanced server. That number has gone down to 230 today.  For some years now I'm using a Windows 2019 server in the AWS Public Cloud (EC2 instance). I recently downsized that EC2 instance from a t2.large to a t2.medium instance type. This took 5 minutes i ...

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Mobirise beats Google sites...

Thu, 18 Jan 2024 18:48:54 GMT by Pieter

UPDATE! Mobirise no longer sells lifetime licenses like it did back in 2019-2020. It only sells yearly renewable licenses today. Make sure check out their license policy on their website! Google sites are extremely boring (because very limited) after all. So I rebuilt the website of my wife's dental practice www.ortholubbeek.be in Mobirise 4.12.4. I bought a full Mobirise4 l ...

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Google sites - pros and cons

Thu, 28 Mar 2024 13:41:06 GMT by Pieter

Google Sites is getting somewhere! Google gave it a big update last summer. It's definitely worth to take a closer look. So far I have created 3 sites with Google Sites. One of them is my band's site. Pro's: 100% ad-free all-in-one hosting solution  Use your own domain (multiple domains are possible) Sitesearch included by default GDPR-compatible cookiewarning Google analytics-ready Easy to add ...

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What I like most about my passion for classic ASP coding

Wed, 01 Nov 2023 10:41:36 GMT by Pieter

I often receive messages like the ones below. It's striking how many of us classic ASP developers share the same feeling. Left alone in the woods with our ASP-scripts and functions that passed the test of time (some of them are working flawlessly for 25 years now, on all Windows Servers). I am moved with your back stories with the development of asplite. I am an ASP web developer since 2004 and still ...

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A new idea - a playlist/rehearsal manager

Mon, 28 Aug 2023 22:36:50 GMT by Pieter

After struggling for months with this, years actually, I will try come up with a mobile first web application that takes care of the various playlists I go through as a live performer. Below the first brainstorm of the datamodel.  A user can manage multiple bands. The user can add songs (by artists) to both playlists and rehearsals. At the gig, the musicians can download lyrics, chords, scor ...

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Playing with the HTML Canvas again

Sun, 11 Jun 2023 22:30:27 GMT by Pieter

I feel bored lately. Live example.

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Google Material Symbols and QS - a perfect marriage

Fri, 12 May 2023 22:30:47 GMT by Pieter

Once again, Google has blown me away (it still is... no idea where this will land actually). Never heared of it, until yesterday. Google's Material Design. Material Design is Google's open source design system for Android, iOS, Flutter, and the Web. On a side note, the implementation for the Web isn't ready yet. I can't wait for that to happen though. I came accross Material when searching f ...

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Small cosmetical change to QS

Mon, 08 May 2023 22:30:11 GMT by Pieter

I've made a small cosmetical change to QS. The changes are available on GitHub. The only files that changed are /asp/includes/javascript.asp (needed) and some more in the /asp folder (but you don't really need those). I have used some more padding, a less agressive border-color and rounded borders for text-boxes, selectboxes and textareas. This affects both the backsite and some modules in the front ( ...

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100% free and reliable static website hosting without ads?

Sun, 07 May 2023 11:37:12 GMT by Pieter

It sounds like a wrong idea to even search for and use it. But it's not. I'm hosting both pietercooreman.be and asplite.com on 100% free static website hosting for 3 years now. On GitHub pages. GitHub pages offers pure static website hosting (no server-side scripts allowed) for each and every project you have on GitHub. SSL is included for free as well! Two minor limitations Published GitHub Pages sites ...

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Asynchronous calls in an ASP page? Not possible... unless...

Thu, 04 May 2023 22:19:29 GMT by Pieter

Update: the solution discussed below is generating CORS errors in JavaScript. Long story short, you need to allow CORS in IIS. While VBScript is equipped with asynchronous components (httprequests, shell), when using them in ASP they're always synchronous. Classic ASP does not support asynchronous calls whatsoever. Classic ASP follows a strict set of sequences, which means that operations are performed one ...

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Classic ASP end of life? Fake news.

Fri, 21 Apr 2023 10:53:15 GMT by Pieter

Some sites report that classic ASP is "end of life". The funny thing about this is, these are articles written between 5 and 10 years ago. Even Wikipedia reports that "ASP was supported until 14 January 2020 on Windows 7." This is fake news. There is no official EOL policy for classic ASP. As from IIS7, classic ASP is implemented as an ISAPI filter in IIS, configured to kick-in ASP.DLL as soon as an *.asp ...

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Overcome the classic ASP 200kB upload limit in IIS Express

Sun, 09 Apr 2023 12:50:24 GMT by Pieter

The problem: by default classic ASP developers face a 200kB (200000 Bytes) upload limit in IIS Express. Unlike in IIS5-11, IIS Express has no GUI-way to configure this value. IIS Express is available as a development-host in various MicroSoft IDE's like Visual Code and Visual Studio. I use it in Webmatrix, an IDE that MicroSoft decided to stop developing some years ago, but still available on my 7 year old ...

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Create stunning PDF-flyers with ChromeASP

Fri, 02 Feb 2024 11:06:44 GMT by Pieter

For a customer I recently setup an easy way to create PDF flyers. They had to be printable in various formats (ie: A5, A4, A3). ChromeASP turned out to be a lifesaver once again. This is what I was able to deliver with ChromeASP. Behind the scenes, a basic HTML-file gets converted to PDF with ChromeASP. Live example: http://pdf.asplite.com/ (test 5). Even though I use a good old table driven design, i ...

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