Weird times. As a father, I love being stuck with the children. As a developer, I love having time on my hands to focus on new technologies and learn new things. As a musician, I love the silence around me. But people are getting infected and are dying at a rapid pace. Very ambiguous.

For some time now, JavaScript seems to be the most popular programming language on the globe. I've recently created a GitHub account and when browsing the most starred repositories, they're basically all about JavaScript. Often combined in HTML and CSS frameworks. React, Vue, Next, Electron, Node, Angular, Three, jQuery, Reveal, Atom, etc...The list is endless actually. A little too long to my taste maybe... Anyway, one thing is very clear: any JavaScript-app will work in all current browsers, from the smallest mobile phone to the biggest desktop computers. No doubt about that.

Bootstrap is still doing very well too. The first version of Bootstrap was released in 2011. That was around the time I stopped the active development of QS. I somehow regret not having adopted Bootstrap for the QS backsite (and some front-end modules). I once added a Bootstrap 3 compatible menu-tag:  QS_BOOTSTRAPMENU_3. I guess it still works. But Bootstrap is on version 4 now.

On a side note... Given the popularity of this uncompiled scripting language for both frontend, backend and even mobile app-development, Microsoft could have been much more successful by extending their own (more visual) variant named VBScript, the scripting language that is most often used in ASP classic code. That is... instead of creating their bloated .net monsters. Have I said that before?

So it looks like it's the perfect time to learn how to write good JavaScript code. On GitHub you can find some "repositories" that collect all sorts of ebooks and tutorials. THE most starred repository is freeCodeCamp - a full academic curriculum mainly on JavaScript, including various certifications. All for free.

Keep it safe out there. Or better... stay inside!

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