Developer Trip

For some weeks now I'm on a crazy development trip. It's really serious. Terrifying. Ever since this Covid crisis I'm basically doing nothing but code my way through numerous ideas and issues. Day by day. From the moment I wake up, I start making to do lists from everything I've been thinking of during the night. I remember I went to the exact same thing when I developed QS, back in 2007-2008. I haven't changed a bit apparently.

And yes, it's all about ASP/VBScript. I am developing a new framework: How stupid is that??? It's incredibly stupid. But I like it so much.

This thing needs a name... Can't think of anything.

My development trip sure has been given an amazing boost by GitHub. GitHub has made me feel comfortable as a developer again. It takes care of versioning, keeps track of the history of scripts, releases, etc. GitHub Desktop helps a lot to synchronize my local development environment with the online repository. I discovered "Markdown" as an easy way to write release notes and documentation. Anyway, GitHub adds a lot of professionalism. And I need that.

GitHub also serves as a basic free CMS: "projectpage" lists all Markdown (.md) files in a given branch. You can select a template (basic). That page gets automatically updated when I write documentation in my Markdown files. In theory, a GitHub repository can be *just* a bunch of Markdown files - thus a simple website. And it has SSL. See


I'm waiting for a contributor to jump-in on any of my repositories. I have 8 of them. So far, nobody has presented him/herself as a contributor. But I understand. I'm on such an intense trip that I would not be able to cooperate with anyone anyhow.

Programming is a very very very lonely business after all. I really think it is. Pretty much like writing songs is. It's me, myself and I. But that does not mean getting input and feedback from others is not important. It usually drives the developer towards even better results. 

Happy programming!

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