One month

It’s not even a month ago that I baptized my early Covid19 ASP-experiments aspLite…. This past month has been amazing. Just to name a few things:

  • GitHub gave me back my developer-vibes
  • I learned how to use GitHub as a free hosting company (including free SSL) for HTML websites (only)
  • I struggled my way through VBScript’s rather limited (but useful) capabilities to work with binary files – but I managed, and how…
  • I developed a brand new jQuery multifile uploader with client-sided image-resizing capabilities (never been done before in ASP)
  • I discovered DataTables (thanks again Sergio Conselvan) and wrote a rocking fast classic ASP integration for it (never been done before in ASP)
  • I learned a bunch about jQuery’s Ajax integration and why it’s still the best JavaScript toolset out there
  • Learned how to use CKEditor 4 & 5 with classic ASP
  • Finally understood the buzz about JSON and why it has drastically changed the web development business in the past 15 years (and why JavaScript is so popular today)
  • Dived into Bootstrap (again) and I’m convinced it’s still the way to go for new web applications, even after 10 years.
  • I fully understand that QS has an outdated GUI, but it’s still the best web application I ever developed, and it always will be.
  • Classic ASP is dead. But that has its advantages too. No worries about compatibility-issues. ASP 3.0 has not been updated ever since 2000.
  • aspLite collected 11 stars on GitHub. And I’m VERY happy with that.
  • finally, I have been reading CNN’s news feed (just for developing purposes) a lot, and I now know they’re not really keen on Donald Trump. Quite on the contrary.

Not bad for just 1 month...

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