Single release

Hi fellows of QuickerSite,

It took a while again to come up with a new blog post. It sure seems like I’ve doing basically nothing lately. And even if that’s the case for most of the time, I DID come up with some ideas to break the extreme boredom of my life.

For some reason, in the past week, a single of one my songs got released on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. And it is airplayed on a bunch of local radio stations in both Belgium and The Netherlands. Go figure. And I’m even in it for nothing. I got amazing support from a friend musician, my bass-player actually.

It’s a Dutch song about the huge collection of old, wrong and lost loves of my live. There are a few dozens. 

Please be my guest and discover, enjoy and SHARE as much as you can. I love you!


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