Classic ASP end of life? Fake news.

Some sites report that classic ASP is "end of life". The funny thing about this is, these are articles written between 5 and 10 years ago. Even Wikipedia reports that "ASP was supported until 14 January 2020 on Windows 7."

This is fake news. There is no official EOL policy for classic ASP. As from IIS7, classic ASP is implemented as an ISAPI filter in IIS, configured to kick-in ASP.DLL as soon as an *.asp file is requested. It's therefore more accurate to say: classic ASP will be supported as long as IIS supports ISAPI-filtering. Or even better: the end-of-life of classic ASP is inseperable from the end-of-life of IIS itself. That will be the day MicroSoft pulls the plug on its Server-products.

Same story for VBScript. VBScript is as dead as ASP, but it's actually a (default) part of Windows Script Host (wscript.exe). Again, there is not a single reason to believe that VBScript will no longer be supported in WSH in the future. WSH is part of the Microsoft Windows Operating System ever since ... Windows 95.

Both classic ASP and VBScript are underlying technologies. ASP is a toolset for web developers. VBScript is a visual programming language. Other services and softwares depend on them (both MicroSoft and non-MicroSoft). They're not to be confused with end-user products that need security-fixing, updates, support, legal follow-up, etc. Classic ASP nor VBScript are even included in the "Microsoft Products and Services" lifecycle database. IIS is included though. It follows the Component Lifecycle Policy, meaning that it's supported as long as the product where it's a component of is supported. That is the Windows Server family.

Therefore, I truly believe that classic ASP and VBScript will be available in Windows OS for at least another 10-15 years, probably longer. Nobody knows what happens next. This is also true for any other technology you'd use today. So there is not a single reason to not consider classic ASP/VBScript to develop web applications. I can tell. I'm still doing so. And I love it. As long as someone is coding ASP/VBScript, it's alive. I must admit however that I'm more and more feeling lonely. It appears that most web developers don't even know what classic ASP exactly is/was. I'm trying to turn the tide. But that will never work on my own...

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