Google Material Symbols and QS - a perfect marriage

Once again, Google has blown me away (it still is... no idea where this will land actually). Never heared of it, until yesterday. Google's Material Design. Material Design is Google's open source design system for Android, iOS, Flutter, and the Web. On a side note, the implementation for the Web isn't ready yet. I can't wait for that to happen though.

I came accross Material when searching for open source icons. As much as I like Font Awesome for pioneering this area, it looks like they got far behind on the competition.

I was thinking, there must be an alternative to Font Awesome. That's how I found Google's Material Symbols. 2875 open source icons, free to use (compared to only 675 in Font Awesome 4.7.0.)

All it takes is:

Because I was busy doing QS-stuff anyway, I gave this a whirl:

Even though this feels like restoring an oldtimer by repainting it, you have to admit... it makes QS look a little less 90's. And on top of that, I got rid of 68 ugly gifs in the QuickerSite codebase. Cheers on that! 

This feature is available in the lateste codebase (not released yet) on GitHub.

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