Mobirise beats Google sites...

UPDATE! Mobirise no longer sells lifetime licenses like it did back in 2019-2020. It only sells yearly renewable licenses today. Make sure check out their license policy on their website!

Google sites are extremely boring (because very limited) after all. So I rebuilt the website of my wife's dental practice in Mobirise 4.12.4. I bought a full Mobirise4 license back in 2020. As a matter of fact, it was a lifetime license so I am still able to download and use all extensions and templates for Mobirise4. For the first time I even realized that I can save any block from any template and use it everywhere I need it... This way, I have 100's of different blocks at my fingertips. The vast majorty of Mobirise4 blocks are still very useful. I see no reason to upgrade to Mobirise5 at this point, but I might do it anyway later on this year when they have these black friday and cyber monday deals. 

Mobirise is for me what Elementor is for WP users I guess. Can't live without it!

Ow... and before I forget, I have released QS v433 yesterday. It introduces the nice Google Material Icons in the backsite. No reason to update any previous version. But for new projects (if any) you can better use v4.3.3.

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