A New Year's present

I admit: my hosting business has been shrinking year after year. Somewhere between 2007 and 2010 I hosted 1200 QuickerSites on a single Windows 2000 Advanced server. That number has gone down to 230 today. 

For some years now I'm using a Windows 2019 server in the AWS Public Cloud (EC2 instance). I recently downsized that EC2 instance from a t2.large to a t2.medium instance type. This took 5 minutes in the AWS console. Piece of cake. This little trick saves me about 600 USD/year, a very nice New Year's present.

I now have 4GB of RAM to host 230 QuickerSites. An average QuikerSite requires up to 15MB of RAM. My server will therefore not easily run into trouble. And if it does, there are some tweaks to keep memory usage under control. 

The most important (and easy) tweak is to lower the value for the default IIS application "idleTimeout". By default an IIS application times out after 20 minutes of idle time. So, if a website is not active for 20 minutes, IIS releases the RAM used by that application. Changing the default idleTimeout for all sites to 10 minutes does not cause major issues, but helps a lot to keep RAM usage under control.

Happy new year to all QuickerSite users and classic ASP/VBScript lovers!

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