Setlist Planner

Nick and I, we finally started developing our so called Setlist Planner. As a performing artist I have all kinds of playlists, for all kinds of situations and occasions. It started to drive me crazy. So I decided to come up with a little tool. It may help others.

I uploaded Setlist Planner to Github. Check it out!

In short:
-create an unlimited number of songs and playlists
-sort songs in the playlist manager (drag and drop)
-open the lyrics for a song directly from the playlist manager
-easily copy playlists
-export the playlist to csx, xlsx, pdf or print

Developing this was fun but very hard, as the way this template works, it requires a very good knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery and AJAX. It took me 2 days to finalize. Probably one more day to tweak and complete. Without a very good manual, this new template (and the new ASP/VBScript approach) will never make a chance. There are also some major challenges when it comes to error-catching. But I keep on trying to make this work, that's for sure.

Happy ASP/VBScript coding!

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