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For me personally 2022 was a good year. I made some new friends. A new band. New great development in Classic ASP. For my employer in Belgium, I built a big application on top of aspLite. aspLite turns out to be the most versatile and powerful AJAX-library I've ever written for Classic ASP. It could even get much better if other Classic ASP developers would join and contribute. Most Classic ASP developers however feel too much shame about being stuck with a dead technology. But they shouldn't. Classic ASP is going nowhere. And that's exactly what makes it a very attractive and solid technology. I hope MicroSoft never touches it again actually... they would mess it up if they do.

As classic ASP is available for Windows 2022 servers, the end-of-life for classic ASP will never be before Oct 14, 2031. In all honesty, I can't think of a single reason why classic ASP would not ship with any future Windows server edition. That makes it the most reliable web development technology one can use on a Windows server (Windows NT 4.0 (1996!) onwards). Any ASP.NET version or variant has been given up or has been replaced by yet another version over the years. So stay away from ASP.NET... Use classic ASP, or better... go PHP. PHP is even older than classic ASP. The older the better... I'm getting old...

For nearly 10 years now, QuickerSite is in idle mode. And more and more I tend to look at this as an asset, a "selling point". No bugs. No security issues. No critical updates. No urgent hotfixes or patches. QS is fine as it is. And the longer this takes, the better it's looking. I have setup a couple new QuickerSites in 2022. I used QS for a formbuilder (basically only using it for all sorts of forms) and another acts as an online journal, reconverting the QS catalogs to a basic library-manager. Nothing spectacular. But very efficient and nobody cares or even knows it's classic ASP and nothing but QS in the back. Love it.

I do feel like bringing Bootstrap 5 into the QS backsite would be a great idea though. And it would not necessarily be too complex. It would not cause any security or any other blocking issue in any way. But it would drastically improve backsite usability and looks count too. It would also be great to finally get rid of anything that still relies on or refers to Artisteer. Teaming up with Artisteer was the worst decision I ever made in QS. I should rather have chosen Bootstrap back in 2010. Bootstrap could have been a major selling point for QS. Artisteer never was.

Happy 2023 to all of you!


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