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In my search for a mobilefriendly email template to use in QuickerSite, I quickly realized that most designers stick to a table-driven setup, even in 2023. Unlike most browsers, some email readers are ridiculously outdated. Outlook 2003, 2010 or Outlook Express... remember ? They're still in use though.

For QuickerSite, this template is about the most basic mobile-friendly email template I could come up with.

This is how it shows on my mobile phone:

and this is how Gmail displays it on a Windows laptop:

It acts responsive, right? And it's pretty readable in both cases. I do not specify a default font-size. I have seen some designers set a default font-size of 13px. I don't think that's necessary, but it looks like that's a good font size on both large and small screens.

Anyway... happy to be able to send mobilefriendly newsletters in QS... after all :) 

to Developers Blog

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