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For a customer I recently setup an easy way to create PDF flyers. They had to be printable in various formats (ie: A5, A4, A3). ChromeASP turned out to be a lifesaver once again.

This is what I was able to deliver with ChromeASP. Behind the scenes, a basic HTML-file gets converted to PDF with ChromeASP. Live example: (test 5). Even though I use a good old table driven design, it's still possible to have all sorts of objects (like the QS logo) float anywhere you like.

As Chrome (headless) is creating the PDF files, there are absolutely no limits when it comes to HTML/CSS/JavaScript support. Chrome simply supports it ALL, and how! Chrome even automatically fixes all sorts of errors and inconsistencies in your html. Even the most powerful and well known PHP PDF-libraries are looking at headless Chrome as their unbeatable successor. No way you can compete with Google. Google has always created the best softwares around (Search, Android, Chrome, Youtube, Gmail, Drive, Photos, Ads,…. )

Google (the open-source Chromium-community that is) is currently completely refactoring headless Chrome. I am silently hoping in the future headless Chrome could also be used to easily (un)zip files and folders, create all sorts of binaries, easily edit pictures, etc. from within a classic ASP application. This would be a big thing and – sadly – take lots of open source projects down. But for once classic ASP developers would be able to shine again. Let’s pray for that. Amen.

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