Overcome the classic ASP 200kB upload limit in IIS Express

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The problem: by default classic ASP developers face a 200kB (200000 Bytes) upload limit in IIS Express. Unlike in IIS5-11, IIS Express has no GUI-way to configure this value.

IIS Express is available as a development-host in various MicroSoft IDE's like Visual Code and Visual Studio. I use it in Webmatrix, an IDE that MicroSoft decided to stop developing some years ago, but still available on my 7 year old laptop.

The solution: change the ASP limits for maxRequestEntityAllowed in

Search for "<asp ". Change the entry to:

The maximum value for is maxRequestEntityAllowed  is 2147483647 (integer / 2GB). But in my experience the real upload limitation in classic ASP is 100MB approximately. When uploading larger files, I get a "Microsoft Cursor Engine error '8007000e' - out of memory"-error.

Not only will this enable uploading larger files. It will also allow to submit large datasets to urls (in an ajax call for instance). 

You can read more about the ASP limitations in IIS here.

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