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It sounds like a wrong idea to even search for and use it. But it's not. I'm hosting both pietercooreman.be and asplite.com on 100% free static website hosting for 3 years now. On GitHub pages. GitHub pages offers pure static website hosting (no server-side scripts allowed) for each and every project you have on GitHub. SSL is included for free as well!

Two minor limitations

  1. Published GitHub Pages sites may be no larger than 1 GB
  2. GitHub Pages sites have a soft bandwidth limit of 100 GB per month. 

I admit, I've become a big fan of GitHub pages, pretty much like I've become a fan of static websites builders like Mobirise and Nicepage. Or Bootstrap if you like to handcode your own. Combined with some embedded widgets, you're all set. Check out this list of popular website widgets. Why would you still need a CMS today? And what happened to Webmatrix, the most intuitive web development IDE that MicroSoft ever built? Why was it replaced by Visual Studio Code, the darkest and most depressing code editor ever?

You find a lot of tutorials on how to use GitHub pages. Check them out!

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