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GitHub cut me off last week. I no longer had access to the QuickerSite codebase or any other repository.  I once forgot to download some recovery codes. I was no longer able to login using 2FA. My login was sort of disabled.

Meantime all is fine again. I had to request to disable 2FA for my account. It took 2 days before they got that sorted. After I restored the 2FA-login requirements I was able to login again. Pfjeeeeuw.

I now get why Facebook is absolutely not making a priority of 2FA whatsoever. They'd lose 90% of their users in no time.

But that made me think. If Google shuts down my account, I'm dead. My Gmail account holds a history of over 10 years. Google Photos holds my whole life in video and pictures. As I use my Gmail address for all sorts of logins, I'll be unable to restore passwords for basically all online services I have been using over the past two decades.

And if Amazon shuts down my server, I loose my business, my income actually. And they can do that without even warning me. And I would never be able to tell why exactly or even defend myself.

I couldn't care less about MicroSoft though. I don't even use a MicroSoft account. I don't need a MicroSoft account to develop classic ASP. That's something at least.

Anyway. It's all good now. Learned my lesson. 

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