Clock is ticking for Classic ASP/VBScript

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I've been quite busy these last few weeks. After the release of, I developed some apps for my wife's dental practice. I made her a waiting list app and an app to manage her stock. I reused the application template I also developed Setlistplanner on. It's a very promising template, making use of aspLite.

Right after, I was so excited that I decided to write a book about how I used aspLite in and how aspLite led to asplForms, an AJAX-first developer framework for Classic ASP developers. It's a wrap, my ebook is done. It ended up as a highly opinionated MicroSoft bash on its 6 first pages. The rest should be OK.

Lately I have also become a big fan of Google Search Console. It appears that both url-redirection and missing canonical urls are two of the most common issues reported for QuickerSites and my hosted websites in general. My one-codebase solution for all my hosted QuickerSites is under pressure. I once made sure that and are both serving the same page. The "/r" is the name of the virtual directory in IIS. But that is a problem for Google Search. It's marked as duplicate content. I need to look into that someday soon.

I also looked into a new robots.txt file for all my hosted sites. So far, I'm using one of the available suggestions I found on GitHub. It should block many unwanted bots, for what it's worth. Bad bots do not respect robots.txt files anyway.

But what ate most of my energy these past few days, was MicroSoft's recent announcement to retire (and eventually remove) VBScript in future Windows versions. I kind of take it that Classic ASP is in palliative care. Clock is ticking. This announcement is very bad news for us, isn't it? After VBScript gets removed from Windows, it's totally gone. It's no longer available in IIS either. Even though it's not going to be for tomorrow, MicroSoft is clearly up to completely removing Classic ASP-support. I can only advise NOT to use Classic ASP anymore. This day was coming for a while now. But still it's very bad and sad news. 

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