My ebook is being very well received

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My ebook about aspLite has been read over 1000 times meantime. Happy to share some of the comments so far:

I remembered my old Classic ASP programming days. I couldn't learn new When I saw your page, I found the excitement of developing something with Classic ASP again. Thank you.

A good read Pieter. Really enjoyed reading about the history of classic ASP and particularly your work in the early years. 

It's a great read and good that there is still support for this underrated programming language.

I read your ebook until 4:00 AM last night without skipping a line, and I was very impressed. Each sentence made me feel as though I had discovered a long-lost companion with whom I had been wandering the same forest for almost 30 years, yet never knew existed.

It made interesting reading especially as, like you, I was left out in the dry as a Classic ASP developer and what made it worse for me was that I had worked for Microsoft for 6 years prior to 1999! Talk about slap in the face, I couldn’t believe it at the time and felt very annoyed that I had dedicated so much time and effort to learn a development language that I had thought would keep me going for years to come!

This is what I'm doing it all for. I just hope this ebook somehow helps people to get on the road again with their Classic ASP skills. 

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