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I’m near to complete a first release of aspLite. There is still some documentation to write. And that will no doubt result in a few optimizations and fixes.

What started off as a light-weight ASP/VBScript framework (a bit of an empty box though), turned into a very exciting ASP Ajax formbuilder, facilitating feature-rich SPA’s (Single Page Applications).

The new demo is such an SPA, including 24 different forms. Some are expecting user-input, others are just delivering dynamic content.

These past few days I started to realize that developing such SPA’s is much more complex than building web applications the more “classic” way, with plenty of response-redirects to rebuild tables and parts of the GUI. It’s obviously more complex to build Ajax-driven apps. Hence the need for a framework.

Because things can get complicated very quickly, I made sure to include a "basic" example that most ASP/VBScript will quickly be able to understand (including me).

If you did not have the chance to have a closer look at aspLite, make sure to do so and download the current version from GitHub. Please report any bug or share any feedback! I'd love to work towards a first release in the coming days.

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