Happy 2021!

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Few weeks ago I received this message. It really meant something to me. So I decided to share, as an alternative Happy new year wish. Happy New Year BTW!

"Pieter, many years ago I came across Quickersite and I payed I think for something (I hope I was a payer and not just a downloader) and I was overwhelmed with how amazing it all was. I thought I'd found the holy grail for me being a provider of web services... but my history has followed a similar trajectory to QS and I'm now wandering the plains with a lot of other buffaloes wondering what to do next. I read your posts occasionally as they are, and for a weird reason - it gives me hope. Hope because what you had going here was SO ON THE MARK. But the world rotated a little in another direction and twitter/FB / Instablah and all the other mindless platforms took the collective consciousness away from individual effort and relevant opinion, such that QS no longer had a home. ... Why? Who knows, the world is just different now and windows of opportunity open and close for the most inexplicable of reasons. This could of course be used as an equal answer to: "Why does humanity exist"? A: "For inexplicable reasons". So; no more Concorde, no more digital watches, no more moon landings and no more QS. It is in good company and I loved it."

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