QuickerSite and Windows Server 2022

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I have recently installed QuickerSite on a Windows Server 2022 (hosted on Azure). No problems as such. Still the exact same things to keep in mind:

  • Install IIS and ASP using the Server Manager
  • Enable 32-bit applications in the IIS application pool
  • make sure permissions are set (ie make sure Everyone has full permissions on the fysical directory of your QS)

But I faced another problem. There is a bug in the built-in SMTP server.  In short: it does not work. I hope MicroSoft will fix that in the coming months. But I doubt so. The built-in SMTP server dates back from Windows 2003 and still needs IIS6 to configure it. I guess it's time to move away from that SMTP server. I installed a 3rd party SMTP server named MailEnable. I used MailEnable before on a Windows 2008 Server. So far so good.

To summarize: QuickerSite is fully compatible with Windows Server 2022. But you need a 3rd party SMTP server to get the emails working. That's some good news at last. 

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