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Few months ago Nick and I had a brainstorm about this idea for a new app to organize setlists. Instead of diving into that straight away I came up with a template that could serve this and potentially many other similar application-ideas. I uploaded my work so far to https://github.com/PieterCooreman/Setlist-Planner

This template could be a starting point for any new Classic ASP/VBScript development. "Template" (forgive me the boring name) takes care of basically all standard "stuff" any modern application would need today:

  • User registration / signin / forgot password / confirmation email / my account / signout
  • Multilingual application
  • Templating (Bootstrap 5)
  • System settings / Mail setup
  • Compress/Backup database / Recycle application
  • Create custom applications on top of Template
  • Error handling

It would be great if someone would be able to install this thing and play around with it. It's quite easy to understand I hope. Make sure to check out the various sample apps that I added already.

To make this work I need to document all the methods you can use. There are quite a few, both Classic ASP/VBScript and JavaScript. I hope to find some time to get this done sooner or later.

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